Java probleem Safari op Mac opgelost in Surveillance Station 6.3

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Zojuist heeft Synology Surveillance Station 6.3 beta vrijgegeven. In deze versie is er voor Mac gebruikers met Safari geen Java meer nodig. In plaats daarvan wordt gebruik gemaakt van een speciaal ontwikkelde plugin.

Vanaf deze versie zijn er tevens standaard twee in plaats van één gratis camera licentie meegeleverd.

Changelog hieronder. Meer informatie hier.

Compatibility and Installation

    1. Surveillance Station 6.3-3309 requires DSM 5.0 and onward.
    2. Updating to VisualStation 2.0-1164 or later is required to pair with servers running Surveillance Station 6.3.
    3. Device Pack 2.2-0354 is only compatible with Surveillance Station Beta 6.3-3309.
    4. Two free camera licenses are available by default.

What’s New

    1. TV wall solution and live view operations for large-scale deployment.
      • 64-channel Live View support enhances deployment flexibility.
      • Instant playback and direct camera editing allows for multi-tasking on the Live View page.
      • Joystick support replaces mouse clicking and for more intuitive operation.
      • Drag and zoom support allows for easy zooming in objects on the Live View page.
    2. Timeline enhancements for advanced playback management.
      • 64-channel Timeline support enhances the efficiency of recording playback.
      • ustomized layout management and inheritance from Live View layout increases layout flexibility and consistency on both pages.
      • Frame by frame playback strengthens the review process of recordings.
    3. Edge recording support for Axis cameras with seamless recording and bandwidth control.
    4. Surveillance Plugin is available for Safari on Mac OS X to boost video playback performance and significantly reduce the loading time when operating Surveillance Station.
    5. Re-defined management interface to facilitate CMS installation.
      • Categorization for IP cameras, recorded videos, user privilege, and logs expedites navigation and organization.
      • Pageless design for managing large amounts of configurations, devices, and data without the hassle of switching pages.
      • Thumbnail support reduces time needed to identify items, such as recordings and cameras.
    6. Premium, customizable user privileges.
      • Privilege settings for individual features allow administrators to customize privilege profiles for different spectator and manager personnel.
      • User profile photos can be customized for recognizing different users more easily.
      • Multiple manager account login is supported.
    7. Multiple channel support for panoramic camera and multi-lens cameras increase the efficiency of the live view and recording.
      • Performance and quality of de-warping in Surveillance Station have been improved.
      • In-camera de-warping is supported and requires only one license for multiple channels.
      • Multi-lens camera is now supported and requires only one license for multiple channels.
    8. Mobile Live View stream is supported for smoother mobile streaming when network bandwidth is limited.
    9. Playlist and repeat functions improve the recording player experience.
    10. Image enhancement is available on the recording playback and Timeline channels for greater convenience.
    11. Responsive design automatically resizes Live View and Timeline channels when browser size is adjusted.
    12. Skype and MSN have been removed from event notification service.
    13. Minor bug fixes

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