Nieuwe firmware Boxee Box (

Boxee heeft een nieuwe firmware voor de Boxee Box uitgebracht. Er zijn opvallend veel bugfixes met betrekking tot SMB terug te vinden.

Daarnaast een hoop kleine wijzigingen. Wat mij zelf nogal opvalt is het laatste punt in het changelog: Airplay support voor iOS 5 devices. Er wordt helaas geen verdere info verstrekt, maar als dit betekent dat er nu video en muziek dmv. Airplay gestreamd kan worden vanaf je iOS device, dan heeft Boxee een leuke nieuwe feature toegevoegd. Ik zal het vanavond eens testen op mijn eigen Boxee Box en het resultaat hieronder in de comments terugkoppelen.

Download de nieuwe firmware hier of gebruik de update functie van de Boxee Box zelf.

Volledig changelog

Bug fixes
Networking & File Playback

  • Inconsistency when trying to access a password protected share of Windows7 via SMB
  • SMB mount fails with Invalid argument error
  • SMB fails to mount with error “Key has expired”
  • Fail to access or create SMB password protected shares when the password contains special characters
  • Mounting SMB CIFS password protected share is missing the domain parameter
  • SMB shares are only mounted to hosts which are found by boxee network discovery
  • SMB browsing into WORKGROUP fails
  • When adding an SMB password protected file source manually, boxee writes the password and user name in the log
  • SMB shares cannot be accessed on a Synology NAS when disabling the guest account
  • Using wrong credentials to access a SMB password protected share will fail and prompt user and pass dialog until reboot
  • Browsing into password protected SMB directory fails with error Operation not supported
  • Fail to access or create SMB password protected shares when the password contains special characters
  • Users is prompted for pre-defined password when accessing protected SMB sources
  • Subtitles show up as “unknown” instead of the proper language with embedded subs in MKVs
  • MKV playback over UPnP drops out after ~ 48 minutes
  • Cannot seek in MKV videos on UPnP
  • 2 channel FLAC always converted to 48 Khz PCM on HDMI interface if EDID is disabled
  • Boxee will only output 96Khz and 88.2 Khz PCM over HDMI if EDID is enabled in the Boxee settings
  • 88Khz FLAC and WAV files result in silent playback
  • Subtitles timing problem causes overlay
  • Song title in upper OSD disappear only every second select click
  • AC-3 Audio volume is lower than previous version
  • MPEG4 with packed bitstreams didn’t work
  • WMV streaming out of sync
  • Small ISO files would not fast forward / rewind
  • WMV/MMS streaming issues
  • Dropouts on AC-3 audio


  • UStream Lounge search/browse features stopped working
  • The Gymbox application not loading workouts
  • Accuweather App – hourly forecast is showing daily forecast data
  • HDHomeRun .strm files no longer work
  • Speed TV: Labels in List Container are scrolling


  • Boxee crash when trying to move up from the most upper line in the Share Dialog edit box


  • After removing a channel via the channel filter it remains available in the channels list, but it’s TV episodes are no longer available
  • Marking a TV show as watched doesn’t work


  • Remove redundant video controls from Bloomberg video
  • Audio stopped working after Youtube (appeared for other flash websites as well)


  • Localization sync for Accuweather
  • Norwegian translation errors
  • Italian translation errors


  • Logitech keyboard controller K700 support
  • AirPlay support for iOS 5 devices


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  1. has now been publicly released and you should receive the download depending on the region up to the next 24-36 hrs or you can manually be installed from here

    Bug fixes from >
    – Video still playing without Audio after leaving playback
    – An odd electronic sound while fast forwarding/rewinding
    – No Sound in Browser when EDID enabled
    – Boxee OpenFile cannot open thumbnails manager
    – SAMBA Authentication to Servers Accepting NTLMv2 Only Fails
    – Failed to connect to SMB password protected share with special characters in password
    – File Source for SMB password protected shares did not persist the credentials through boxee restart
    – Boxee keeps asking for username and password – “on the home screen”
    – Fail to mount password protected SMB file sources when the Settings client has same user name but a different password
    – Failed to add or use password protected SMB non English shares
    – After update to Boxee boots up, then gets to login screen and flashes to boot screen again in an infinite loop
    – Subtitles flickering during playback

  2. The latest firmware has now been publicly deployed you should start to get the upgrade over the next 24 – 36 hrs

    Bug fixes since

    Live TV
    Cannot launch Live TV after a successful scan
    Zip Code on Live TV needs to be mandatory, previously you could leave blank and select Next
    Live TV edit channel caused a crash
    When you have more than 2 friends watching the same show, none is presented
    Live TV: Audio / Video sync problem

    Networking & File Playback
    Cannot skip audio tracks (mp3 mainly) when playing video and audio
    Video too slow, sound normal, playback unwatchable; AVI MSMPEG4 Video with mp3 Audio
    Loud audio distortion on non-bitstreamed sources
    Low resolution XviD/DivX videos playback is slow, stutters and dying audio
    Folder browsing stack not cleared when using sidebar menu to switch browsing target
    HDMI Audio failed to initialize error forces reboot to play any video and get audio output (AVR turned off)
    Loud distorted sound over SPDIF when playing MP3 audio using wolfgang’s vault app
    Stacked files: SMB password shown in file path
    Some 720p XviD avi plays choppy, stuttering

    “A” and “The” are ignored but “An” is not (for Ignore Prefixes for Local Content on Sort setting)

    Browser Redirect Bug (pop up management), selection added under Settings>System>Browser

    Video/audio skip with Netflix

    Episode thumbnails are too small
    Greyed out image overlay via watched TV shows should be removed and just the green watched icon should be displayed
    Browsing for subtitles does not load
    There is no focus in browser history screen
    Reduce presence of the pause icon in OSD
    Update the CC icon in OSD to a new one to reflect current scope of the dialog
    Show IMDB rating with decimal point.

    Web interface (i.e. iPhone remote) does not accept lowercase L character entry

    Error in Swedish translations
    Italian strings in 1.5
    Portuguese translation (pt-br) issues in firmware 1.5

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