Synology DSM 4.2 Beta aangekondigd

DSM 4.2 presentatie

27 december heeft Synology in Taiwan DSM 4.2 beta aangekondigd. Ook deze firmware brengt weer een enorme hoeveelheid verbeteringen en nieuwe features met zich mee.

Er staan foto’s van de presentatie online. Helaas voor de meeste Nederlanders niet zo goed leesbaar, maar gelukkig is er ook een (onofficiele) samenvatting van de nieuwe features online gevonden door de forumbezoekers van

Features Synology DSM 4.2


  • DS Cloud: new app. (Like dropbox app)
  • DS Photo +: add shoot upload offline the browse
  • DS Video: support android platform
  • Quick connect: support cloud station, ds file, ds audio, ds photo +, ds cloud.
  • DSM Mobile: switch to standard version. Gesture support.


  • renovation of more than 50 packages by function classification (backup / multimedia, businese, security, utility).
  • … 5a1ac4.jpg


  • Support two USB dongles. EPG, Chinese films illustrate the browse by folder, memory breakpoints. Support Apple TV (AirPlay).


  • new user interface, support bluetooth audio device.


  • pc right directly upload (photo station uploader) – Thumbnail directly drag & drop photos from pc to photo station. Advanced Search (save as smart album). Integration of Windows Live photo Gallery into the labeling ..


  • Supports Thunder, support youtube videos list download the (vs the Qnap Happyget)

Cloud station 2:

  • no user limited. (before: 64 users)
  • support LDAP / AD
  • no share folder limited.
  • single file 10GB.
  • The client software is automatically updated.

Backup & Restore:

  • support Amazon Glacier Server. (Amazon s3: us $ 125/TB, Glacier: us $ 10/TB)
  • … 084e59.jpg

File Station:

  • Add thumbnail view.
  • support hot-key (CTRL + V, CTRL + A, DELETE …)

HA (High Availability):

  • Support HA. (+ Series ex DS713 +, DS1512 + … only 2012/12 still sales dual-lan models)
  • Machine synchronization.
  • include CIFS / AFP / NFS / iSCSI / FTP

Global Hot Spare:

  • (4bay models only), DS712 + external expansion module (also supported)


  • The Synology Antivirus by McAfee (30-day free trial) Full scan, custome scan, system scan (1-year usd $ 9.99, 2-year usd $ 19.98)

Two-factor authentication:

  • mobile app OTP (6-digit code), Google Authenticator (Android, iOS, Blackberry), Windows phone.
  • backup performance improvement of 30%, AFP performance improvement of 50%, five times the storage space to create upgrade.

Virtualization Technology

Data Protection:

  • LUN Snapshot. (Only part of the product)
  • 256 snapshot per LUN.
  • LUN Copy: base on LUN snapshot.
  • vSphere 5.1 VAAI + Windows Server 2012 Certified (+ series above, Dual Lan models)
  • DNS Server package.
  • RADIUS Server Suite (block list, log)
  • TFTP Server & the PXE: (Diskless. ..), in the control panel> ftp option.
  • The disk report (disk usage 报告): By user, by group, by the share folder by file type (audio, documents, picture …), most recently modifiled files.
  • Task scheduling table (Task Scheduler): run user script start / stop service, empty recycle bin, the create report …
  • LDAP / AD: Support Cloud Station, Mail Server, Audio Station, Video Station.

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